Tuesday, July 15, 2008

balloon clusters and solos


Lorenzo il Magnifico said...

Beautiful. especially iin the snow!

balloons said...

lorenzo il magnifico, thank you!

the one liked especially, that was a photo of balloons released by school children for their teacher who had died of leukemia, it was found like 900 miles away, as you pointed out, in the snow - in south dakota i believe.

John Deere Model JD410 (Stone) said...

In my magic balloon
I will fly.

I will raise my hands
and touch the sky.

I will wave to my family
and wish them goodbye.

I will soar up high
like a bird in flight.

Wish upon a star
in the silent night.

In my magic balloon
I will fly.

balloons said...

Sweet tractor disappears above magic.

The effect confronts sweet tractor.